Ciao, Roma!

Every turn on the streets of Rome will lead you to fountains and churches. There's really a lot of things to see and do at what was once a great empire.

Soulful Seoul

Seoul is full of soul when it becomes dramatic during Autumn!

Temple run!

The secret to enjoying Angkor Wat's famed temples now revealed!

Spring blossoms

One of the best times to mount that trip to Japan is during Spring when cherry blossoms abound!

Oui, Paris!

More than the Eiffel Tower, there's so many things to see and do in this dream destination.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Postcard from Vietnam: The motorcycles of Ho Chi Minh

Motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This picture is actually an understatement of how much motorcycles there are in Vietnam. If jeepneys are touted as the king of the road in the Philippines, Vietnam has its motorcycles. I really can't tell how notorious motorcycles are in Vietnam (or if they are notorious at all). I got hit by a motorcycle in 2006 while crossing the street in Manila, which made me uber cautious when I went to Vietnam in 2008. And yes, I was so afraid to cross the streets of Saigon, but thank God nothing bad happened to me.

On the contrary, motorcycles made my one-day stay in Vietnam a memorable one.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Postcard from the Philippines: On the way to Baguio City

A view of Kennon Road, en route to Baguio City.
I would like to believe that more often than not, the journey becomes the destination itself. On my way to Baguio City this past week for an assignment via Kennon Road, the nature-lover in me feasted in what seemed to be unending views of mountains, rugged cliffs, streams and rock falls en route to the Philippines' summer capital, Baguio City, which is about a five-hour drive north of Manila. And with the way clouds/fog kiss mountain tops? One can easily feel closer to heaven.