Ciao, Roma!

Every turn on the streets of Rome will lead you to fountains and churches. There's really a lot of things to see and do at what was once a great empire.

Soulful Seoul

Seoul is full of soul when it becomes dramatic during Autumn!

Temple run!

The secret to enjoying Angkor Wat's famed temples now revealed!

Spring blossoms

One of the best times to mount that trip to Japan is during Spring when cherry blossoms abound!

Oui, Paris!

More than the Eiffel Tower, there's so many things to see and do in this dream destination.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Holy feast of senses at the Vatican City

Vatican City, to some, is a taste of Heaven, if not the stairway to Heaven in itself. For the faithful, a trip to the seat of Catholicism is like going to the Mecca for the Muslims -- a religious duty fulfilled for an incomparable spiritual experience. And for the avid travelers, going to the confines of the world's smallest state would be a Holy feast for the senses.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

When in Florence, live in a palazzo and sleep at the Queen's chamber

A view from the staircase inside the Hotel Garden in Florence, Italy. Notice the beautiful mosaic floor, which caretakers said is still the original flooring.
I've entered a couple of castles in Europe, and these being the ones that make up fairy tales already deserve a tick in a bucket list for an Asian boy like me, if not an ultimate dream-come-true. But only recently had I realized that I've also crossed out and fulfilled another element of that bucket list item -- to sleep inside a royalty's residence, that is.