Whenever I plan my do-it-myself itineraries, I always find myself scouring the entire World Wide Web for information for cheap stuff and pointers on how to get around.Thank God, I survived numerous solo trips based on information that I just Googled!

I know for sure that there are already a lot of sites in the Web that can help travelers find their way around Europe or Southeast Asia. But mine's different as I always go for *sort of* off-the-beaten tracks while being mindful of my budget.
Since I started traveling in 2006, I promised myself to embark on a foreign trip at least once a year, and this has led me to various countries around Southeast Asia and Europe. With numerous plane rides and Facebook photos in various places abroad, my friends and acquaintances always mistake me for a big shot celebrity if not an heir to a vast coffee plantation – which I am not! 
I believe that one doesn’t have to be rich just so he or she can see the many beautiful places around the world. With just a little research and financial discipline, it isn’t impossible to embark on that dream vacation or backpacking trip.

These are the experiences of a Filipino traveler hoping to inspire my fellow Filipinos and others who feel they don't have enough resources to travel around.

And oh, I am not a professional photographer but I swear I tried my best to capture beautiful pictures with the goal of making you jealous to let you start packing and go to where you’ve always wanted to go!

So here are the adventures of The Adventurer on a Shoestring. I hope I am of help for your upcoming trip.