Sunday, September 27, 2015

Post card from Venice: Post card-perfect view

THE FACADE of San Geremia church and Palazzo Labia, a view right outside Hotel San Geremia and Casa Alloggi Gerotto and Calderan. Sestiere Cannaregio, Venice.

How about waking up to a view like this, as in literally?

Venice is replete with post card-perfect, photogenic places that often remind me of dream sequences. Photoholics will never run out of subjects to snap on!

As for this one, this is the view from a small, well-managed Hotel San Geremia & Casa Alloggi Gerotto & Calderan, located at the heart of Campo San Geremia in the sestiere Cannaregio of the beautiful, iconic city of Venice. The place is just a few minutes walk from the S. Lucia train station, the same station where trips from other parts of Italy stop in Venice.

The day starts quite late in Venice. Streets are not yet abuzz at around 7am, not really a good time to take photos of Venecians going about their lives amid the frenzy of excited tourists.

And so I contented myself with this view from my window, of San Geremia Church and Palazzo Labia.

Compared to the typical big cathedrals in Venice and Italy for that matter, San Geremia church is considerably simple for an edifice built sometime in the 11th century.

World wide web has it that this church is famous for St. Lucy of Syracuse, whose remains rest inside. And also compared to other Italian churches, the interiors of the church is rather sober that I did not bother taking pictures of.

Right beside it is the Palazzio Labia, which I also didn't bother looking into, only to discover that it is one of the iconic edifices in Venice with a beautiful frescoed ballroom. It's open to the public by appointment. I didn't bother because entry to most buildings in Venice charge fees which are not at all cheap given that this place is always packed with tourists. But lesson learned, there's no harm in asking for information.


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