Monday, August 10, 2015

Manila airport has a new lounge

Pampering chairs at the Manila airport lounge
The Ninoy Aquino International Airport, for years tagged as world's worst airport, is slowly making some strides to make traveling easier, comfortable, and much more enjoyable for passengers.

Manila airport authorities have recently launched a facility that will surely make vagabonds and frequent travellers jump for joy -- it's The Wings Transient Lounge.

Located at the fourth floor of the NAIA terminal 3, the airport lounge features sleeping and shower facilities for the harried and weary traveller.

It has sleeping capsules meant for solo or adventurous travelers, similar to those in Japan. There are also bunk beds for twin sharing, groups of three, and a family of four.

Capsules at the Manila airport lounge.
Sleeping capsules at the NAIA lounge.

Sleeping capsules at Manila airport.
To those who are curious, this is how the sleeping capsules look like. Not really for those with claustrophobia but highly recommended for adventurous souls.

Bunk beds at Manila NAIA airport lounge.
There aren't really rooms for couples. Rooms for two look like this.
There are common shower areas for travellers who want to freshen up before, after, or in between flights.

Shower facilities at Manila NAIA airport lounge.
Shower facilities at The Wings Transit Lounge have heaters.
Guests who want to be pampered can have a massage, a mani, or a pedi. They can also opt to have a hair cut, too, at the lounge!

Massage room at Manila NAIA airport lounge.
If you are in dire need of a massage, massage rooms at The Wings Transit Lounge are, should I say, above average. Price is also competitive compared to those outside the airport!
The lounge isn't free though, but I'd say it's relatively cheaper compared to other airports and similar facilities that I've been to.

Lounge at Manila airport NAIA
Want a mani or pedi in between flights? Or just want to lounge around?
Services ans room rates and are as follows:

5 hours (inclusive of light meal) - P880
8 hours (inclusive of light meal and shower) - P1,000
Extension per hour - P200

5 hours (inclusive of light meal) - P1,600 per room or P800 per person
8 hours (inclusive of light meal and shower) - P1,800 per room or P900 per person
Extension per hour - P350 per room

BUNK ROOM (for 3 people)
5 hours (inclusive of light meal) - P2,100 per room or P700 per person
8 hours (inclusive of light meal and shower) - P2,600 per room or P880 per person
Extension per hour - P450

5 hours (inclusive of light meal) - P2,600 per room or P650 per person
8 hours (inclusive of light meal and shower) - P3,200 per room or P800 per person
Extension per hour - P530

5 hours - P500 or P700 (inclusive of finger foods)
2 hours - P300 or P500 (inclusive of finger foods)
Extension per hour - P175

Shower - P300
Shower with additional services - P250

Manicure - P300
Pedicure - P300
Foot scrub - P600
Package - P1,000

Massage (1 hour) - P675

The Wings Transit Lounge is located at the 4th floor of NAIA Terminal 3. It is still part of the public areas of the airport so the place is practically open even to non-passengers.

The place is being managed by the Jipang Group, the same Japan-based group that manages Networld Hotel.


ninoalmendra said...

Hello Gerard,
Nakakatuwa naman ang mga improvement na ginagawa ng NAIA para sa Travellers. Alam naman natin na malayo pa tayo kung ikukumpara sa mga malalaki at busy airport ng Singapore, Dubai at Amsterdam. Pero marami rin naman mga simple na Airport sa Scandinavian area na mas maganda pa nga ang airport natin pero ang kulang lang sa atin ay ang mga basic necessity na katulad ng bagong Lounge na pinost mo.
Isang tanong lang po, para po sa mga mag-stay sa "Sleeping capsules" ay meron po bang lugar or space kung saan pede iwanan ang mga maleta na dala ng traveller?

Sana po ay keep posting article like this na nagpapakita ng pag-unlad ng bansa natin.
I-share ko po itong post nyo sa FB page ko.

All the best,

Karen Turner said...

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