Sunday, June 24, 2012

Roma in a picture

Is it possible to summarize Rome in a picture? With its history dating back more than two thousand years, a civilization that rocked the world, and now the destination to millions of tourists yearly, perhaps it's impossible to tell the essence of Rome in just one click. But I think this picture is an attempt at that -- well, at least what one can expect as soon as he steps out of Termini (train station): ruins, churches, and pastel-colored buildings. This is one of the views at the Jewish ghetto, one of the less touristy but charming places in Rome.


Anna Marie Luque Manalo said...

So true. Nice one Gege,the art of photography... you dont just capture it, you explore the meaning of it. :)

Roma is Love said...

so that's how I look like! :)

Gerard said...

Of course not, Roma, you're prettier ;-)