Sunday, April 01, 2012

And... I'm back!

Sculptures right at the bank of the Singapore river (photo taken last May 2008, using Nikon FG and Fuji 400 film. Yes you read it right, film.)

It's been almost three years since I've made my last post in this blog. I've changed assignments, changed my career, met a lot of new people and of course, traveled to cities I couldn't count anymore.
When I shifted to the broadcast medium from print, I've just felt so tired of writing after doing it for more than six years.
But after unearthing heaps of printed photos from my film SLR aside from more than 20-gig worth of digital photos -- not to mention an upcoming fourth expedition to Europe -- I've realized that I have a lot of stories worth telling to netizens.
So here, I'm back with a bang (BANG!) and I hope you find this re-made blog worth visiting, and my travel stories and weekend adventures worth reading. And I hope you yourself will also soon embark on your own fab but pocket-friendly journey.