Monday, December 29, 2008

Casa Rap!

Do I have to go far to look for interesting places? Being a true blue Batangueño, I would naturally look for interesting places within the Ala Eh country. In search for a garden-slash-art-gallery-slash-organic-restaurant-slash-emote-place, I found Casa Rap, which is practically a stone's throw away from my place.
Casa Rap is proprietor Sister Ema Alday's playful take on the Batangueño expression, "kasarap," which, in "normal" Tagalog, is the same as "masarap" or delicious.
The place is just a quick 15-minute jeepney ride from the Lipa City bus stop. If you're coming from Manila and exiting at the Tambo (Lipa City) Exit of the Star Tollway, the bus will drop by the place. It's along the highway, just a few meters before the fork to San Jose town and Batangas City.
I was just amazed that such a place exists just near my mom's house in Lipa, so here, check out my photos.

(Disclaimer: These pics were taken from my N70 since I forgot to bring my ever reliable film-powered Nikon FG at that time.)

The artworks are for sale.

More artworks for sale.

Real cacao! This is what the tableya chocolate tablets are made of. If you haven't experienced a real hearty chocolate drink, they do serve an honest to goodnes one at Casa Rap.


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eye in the sky said...

great place... great find. happy new year!

very said...

i just thought it looks familiar! its in our town, not to far away from our house. u find it cool! wow thanks! sr. emma's my tita!!! and she will be glad to find out about your post. :)

actorenescritor said...

Thanks Eye, happy new year din! :D